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Welcome Week: School of Psychology and Sport Science

Professor Dave Richardson - Head of School, School of Human and Behavioural Sciences

Welcome to the School of Psychology and Sport Science,鈥痑t 欧美性爱片.鈥疉s Head of School, I am delighted to welcome you to 欧美性爱片 and formally welcome you to the School. We are one of the top Schools offering a range of opportunities spanning Psychology, and Sport and Exercise Sciences. Our world-leading research spans cognitive neuroscience, clinical interventions, psychological wellbeing, elite performance and applied human physiology, and has significant real-world impact.鈥齏e are also proud of our excellence in teaching and learning which is similarly acknowledged nationally and globally and we are delighted that you have chosen us to progress your academic, professional and vocational training.鈥

We are conscious that this is an extremely important time for you. You are embarking on an exciting phase of your life journey and starting a new course of study that will include numerous life changes and transitions.鈥疘t is quite normal to find this prospect鈥痚xciting鈥痑nd daunting.鈥疘 am new to 欧美性爱片 myself, having been appointed as the Head of School in July 2022, so I can relate to the joy and trepidation that surrounds your transition.鈥鼺rom my very recent experience, I can honestly say that our staff are extremely friendly, and we pride ourselves in our ability to offer an extensive pastoral / personal support package for you.鈥齀f you do have any concerns or issues or just feel unsure about your feelings, then please contact your personal tutor as soon as possible. We are all here to help you settle into life at university.听

Our Welcome Week programme has been designed to provide support and guidance and includes a range of sessions and activities intended to help you become familiar with your surroundings. You will have an introductory session, social events and opportunities to meet your personal tutor who can answer any questions you may have about your programme of study.听

As a School we are committed to educating future societal contributors and leaders. We are committed to promoting and enhancing equality, diversity, and inclusion within our School.鈥齌ogether,鈥痺e can ensure that your time at 欧美性爱片 is enjoyable and鈥痶ransformational. Your experience will positively influence your life and subsequently enable you to positively impact society and the life of others on completion of your studies.听

I鈥痸ery much鈥痩ook forward to鈥痬eeting鈥痽ou all in the coming weeks.听

Best wishes听

Professor Dave Richardson听

Head of School听

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